Monday, July 4, 2011

TdF Day 2: Some Simple Song and Twilight

TdF 2011 Day 2

Clockwise from lower right:

1. Funky Carolina, Some Simple Song, 8 oz
2. Spunky Eclectic, Twilight, 8 oz
3. FC, strips, ready to spin
4. SE, 4 oz spun
5. FC, 8 oz spun
6. All three bobbins (4oz each) on the wheel/lazy kate)

The SE Twilight was surprising, given the roving picture... About half this first 4oz is green. The roving picture shown is only one of the two 4oz packages, and the other package had a lot more green. The green pieces were first, so it is covered on the bobbin. It will be interesting, in the final yarn...

For day 3, I have to do the last 4 oz of Twilight, and ply!

Happy Spinning!
Lisa Kay

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