Saturday, August 11, 2007

Crazy For Ewe


I did mention that I would post more regarding Crazy For Ewe. It is a divine little shop in Leonardtown, MD. I found it on one of my earliest trips to Patuxent River ("Pax"), where I have been traveling often this year in support of EA-18G flight test. Crazy For Ewe has magnificent yarns (an obvious desire in an LYS), but I mainly love it because of the people. Ellen Lewis is a special lady, and she has created a relaxed and enjoyable environment. She has "knitting happy hour" on Wednesday evenings, and I always try to go when I'm in town. The folks who attend always have very fun conversations (like the one about the bare-rear pants in Key West). Ellen's shop is full of lovely details and special touches. I even enjoy her bags, which are a fun pink (the shop's signature color-- see the web site) and have the shop logo on them. The picture is my stash. I think you can start to get the idea that:

1. I am a fairly new knitter. (That isn't much of a stash, is it?)

2. Crazy For Ewe has been a major source of my recent purchases. (Odd for a store half a country away, for purchases made in person...)

Another thing one might notice in the stash picture is that there is still a lot of available space. This is a good thing!

Happy knitting,
Lisa Kay

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