Saturday, November 28, 2009

Feral Knitting


We made a shopping outing, today, with one of the stops at a book store, perfect for Christmas gift purchases. I couldn't resist browsing the knitting section, and I picked up Alice Starmore's "Book of Fair Isle Knitting." (So, I got something for myself, too. That's life.)

I read several sections to Chris, after we got home, because he has Scottish family background. The early sections of the book give a history of Fair Isle knitting and the evolution of knitting in the Shetland islands in general. The writing is quite interesting, actually. Chris started paying attention part of the way through, and he said, "What is this called? 'Feral' knitting?" Hee, hee! I envisioned wild, obnoxious sheep, attacking Scotsmen. Too funny.

I have been tempted on numerous occasions to start playing with colorwork, and I noted once again the "December Lights Tam," by Mary Jane Mucklestone, in latest special issue of Interweave Knits, the "Accessories" issue (Nov '09).

The same pattern has been published before (2007's "Holiday Knits" issue). I looked at it longingly, then, too, but I still wasn't ready for colorwork. Now, I'm thinking of giving it a go... Hmmm.

One of the intimidating factors in Fair Isle is the "steeks." (You have to CUT your knitting. Gasp!) A tam would be a nice way to start some colorwork without taking on steeks in the very same project. I'm such a chicken.

Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay

Monster Socks


I finished my "monster" socks for the monthly knit along, which are intended to be using "leftovers" from other socks.

The orange is Creatively Dyed Calypso, color "HotHotHot," leftover from my "On Hold" socks, and the green is leftover Creatively Dyed Calypso, color "Good Will," from my "Sea Weed" socks, both other monthly KAL socks. I used about 2/3 skein of each for a pair, so 1/3 skein of each just about used up the rest.

I used Meg Swanson's Jogless Stripes Technique, shown on Interweave Daily. It makes it look like there is one less row in the first stitch of the round, but it removes the "jog" associated with the beginning of the round at a color change. In the picture below, the needle is pointing to the first stitch in the round. I used three rows per color, and you can see that the first stitch in each round looks like it only has two rows per color... but no jog.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We're making dinner for the grandparents, all four, tonight. The turkey is in the oven. Last night, we had dinner at Maggiano's with Dave, Stephanie, Dane, and my folks.

We had the "family style" dinner... they bring you as much as you want! Wow! Two appetizers, two salads, two pastas, two entrees, and two desserts. It was out of control, and the food is amazingly good, too.

Dane was really laid back and just took it all in. He got a bottle at the end of dinner and was ready for bed time.

Mitchell was excited and talking to everyone and wanting to hold Dane. He entertained the table next to us with magic tricks.

Now, we're just going to have turkey... and some family time.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Lisa Kay

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nice November


While it rained all week, we've had two gorgeous weekends in a row, and we made another trip to the park, eeking our last hurrah out of fall.

Chris seemed to think this was a silly hat. I like it, but then, it's mine!

Do you have your turkey, yet? I've got mine ordered... I pick it up on Wednesday!

Happy Turkey Week!!!
Lisa Kay

Dane's Christening


My nephew, Dane, was Christened last Sunday.

The poor little guy was fighting an ear infection, but he did really well during the service and seemed happy through the party at his grandma's. It was great to see my brother and his family.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mitchell Visits Santa


We spent our normal Friday, lunch with Gma E, a visit to the mall, the usual outing. We really look forward to our Fridays. Today, I was actually at home in the morning, because Gma W was having surgery, and I kept Mitchell for the whole day. When we woke up, the first thing Mitchell said was, "Is it Friday?" I think he looks forward to it as much as I do.

Today, Santa was at the mall. I knew he was coming soon, because the area was starting to be assembled, last week. Mitchell was excited and wanted to go see him. We only had to wait for one family in front of us, which is a nice part of going early in the season. :)

Mitchell was a bit shy and wouldn't talk, but he did willingly get on Santa's lap and smile, this year, which was an improvement over last year. I did the talking, telling Santa Mitchell's name and what he wanted. Mitchell had already told me he wants a Bat Cave (Imaginex) and sperm whale (Playmobile). In point of fact, Santa's little helper (your's truly) has already assured the postive completion of the mission. (Little stashes are already being created around the house...)
Ah, the season... Now, I need to order a turkey...

Gobble, gobble!
Lisa Kay

Sunday, November 8, 2009

First Sock Homespun


I finished my first sock yarn. It is a three-ply fingering, made from "Spunky Eclectic's" April '09 club fiber, wool and 10% nylon. I hadn't spun nylon fiber before, but it went fine. The colorway, "Soul Windows," has the colors of eyes. It ended up seeming mostly blue, but I spun it quite thin, going for sock yarn.

The three-ply should make a nice "basic" sock for the Nov/Dec sock club. It will be a bit thicker than other sock yarns, I think. (Not as thin as some "fingering" weight, but not "sport," either.) It may be about like Fleece Artist Somoko, which I had to knit at 58 stitches for a sock instead of the normal 66.

I have over 1000 yards (from a "double dose," 8 oz of fiber), so it will either be more than one pair or perhaps a gift of handspun for another sock knitter.
Happy Spinning!
Lisa Kay

Sunny November


This November in St. Louis has been sunny and gorgeous. We took the opportunity to go to the park, for a last hurrah.

Mitchell was on the run, constantly, and I had a tough time catching him in frame. I just got lucky with this one. Thank goodness for digital cameras, because I only get one good one for several dozen shots!

The bright sun and the red plastic tunnels made Mitchell look like he glowed.

I kept poking into the tunnel to try to get a shot. The little urchin kept trying to dart away, making it especially tricky...

At the top of the slide, he seemed to be playing peek-a-boo.

He carried his little puppy with him everywhere. He did a good job of keeping up with it. I think he is a bit "burned" after yesterday, when he lost two of his little pets (the sheep and the cat) in the grocery store.

The puppy had to climb up all the equipment...

... and Mitchell showed him to all the other kids.

He had everyone's attention!

On the way home, I stopped to pick up a wooly worm I saw crossing the road. After all, he was about to be run over!

A wooly worm is good for hours of entertainment!
Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay

Saturday, November 7, 2009

November KAL Socks


The November/December Knit Along for the "Socks From The Toe Up" (Ravelry Link) group is using the "basic" sock patterns (plain knitting), or any previous SFFTU KAL pattern. To make the "basic" socks more interesting, there are four categories: plain (use self-striping or interesting yarn), "monster" (use left-overs from previous socks), "colorwork" (multi-strand/picture knitting, typically), and "holiday."

I've finished my first plain sock with self-striping yarn. This is Opal's Harry Potter series yarn in the colorway "Tonks." (I have "Harry" in my stash, too. That one is mostly blue tones, but in similar striping patterns.)

I've also started my "monster" socks using leftovers from previous socks ("On Hold" and "Sea Weed"). This is the Creatively Dyed Calypso in "HotHotHot" (orange) and "Good Will" (green). I actually kinda like these...

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay