Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Baltasound Progress

I mentioned in "Wrapping up 2013" that I had started a "Baltasound Cropped Jumper." I've only just finished the body and started on the first sleeve.

Baltasound - Body Done

The shoulders were joined with a three-needle bindoff. The picture below shows the shoulders and the small neck steeks.

Baltasound - Body Done - Shoulders and Neck Steek

The sleeve steeks are a bit more impressive...

Baltasound - Body Done - Armhole Steek

The sleeves are picked up right in between the last steek column and the first pattern column. Because the pattern is square, it appears virtually uninterrupted.

Baltasound - Body Done - Sleeve Start

I'm making pretty good progress. It is getting to be a lap-full!

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Monday, January 27, 2014

Spinning Week 4

I finished the "Amphora," the last two of the eight ounces. I also spun the first ounce of "Java."

Jan 26 - Amphora 8 ounces and one of Java

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Sunday, January 26, 2014


We signed Mitchell up for some youth basketball. We had done this once before, but he wasn't quite ready for it. It is going much better this time.

Mitchell BB - Dribbling

He was particularly interested in trying to steal the ball when the other team had it.

Mitchell BB - Stealing

He looked happy after it all, so I take that as a good sign!

Mitchell BB - Thumbs up

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Monday, January 20, 2014

Spinning Week 3

I finished another 3+ ounces, rounding out six ounces of "Amphora." Two ounces left, and then on to the dark brown, "Java."

Jan 19 - Amphora 6 ounces

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Monday, January 13, 2014

Another tooth

I'm not sure why it is such a milestone, but it still feels like it is... Mitchell lost another tooth.

Sixth tooth out

He seems to be growing up awfully fast.

Cool Kid

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Spinning Week 2

Even though I spun eight ounces in the first six days of the year, that sort of progress is not going to be normal. In the next six, I only got through about two and a half ounces of the next color, "Amphora," the medium brown of the three "neutral" Shetland colorways.

Jan 12 - Amphora 2 plus ounces

So far, I have kept up with spinning every day that I'm home. (I've woken up in another state two days this year, so far.)

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Monday, January 6, 2014

White Pepper

My "White Pepper" singles are done, all eight ounces. I wouldn't have finished them, today, except it is a snow day. My office, Chris' office, and Mitchell's school are all closed.

White Pepper - 8 ounces

The "Amphora" and "Java" fauxlags are ready to spin...
Amphora and Java Fauxlags

Each sheet of tissue separates one ounce of fiber, just so that I can keep track of how much is done, and also to put about the same amount on each bobbin (two ounces each).

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Spin 365

I've joined a group planning to spin every day in 2014. (Ravelry Forum Link). Each person can set their own goal, but the general idea is to spin at least a bit each day of the year. I'm going to go for 15 minutes a day and see how that works (well, every day that I am home).

Spin 365 Icon

In the first three days of the year, I spun four ounces of Shetland in the colorway "White Pepper" by Southern Cross Fibre. It was quite a bit more than 15 minutes each day for those three days (as I'm on Christmas break). It took me about two hours per ounce, as it is spun quite thin, about 36-40 wpi in the singles. I'm trying to duplicate the size of the Harrisville Designs Shetland I'm using for the Baltasound Cropped Jumper (two posts back).

It is part of a three-color combo pack with "Amphora" and "Java." I have eight ounces of each. I thought I had six ounces of each (three bags), but having unearthed the following picture, I realize I need to go hunt for the fourth bag.

SCF - Shetland - Neutrals

I'm also going to spin natural (undyed) Shetland in White, Black, and Moorit (Grey).

Natural White Shetland 2

Natural Black Shetland 2

Natural Moorit Shetland 2

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay