Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bags Done!

I finished the handles on the bags. Here's an updated photo.

bag done

For more information on how to win a bag, see the contest post. If you want to make your own bag, I used McCall's pattern 5487.

How do you like the updated blog format?

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Speaking of Cozy Sweaters...

I noticed the latest More, magazine cover in the grocery store, and it turned my head. I just had to buy it. It jumped into my cart. I wonder if I can make this sweater? The picture at the link is the cover shot. The sweater just looks so soft and wonderful. I'm not even a great fan of this color, but I like it in this sweater!

The article in the magazine gives the information on the sweater. It is angora and viscose (so not even all natural fibers... shocking!), and it costs $1235. Ack! Maybe I'd be better off knitting it...

What yarn do you think would be a good substitute? It looks like it might be DK, but it is quite fuzzy. Maybe Rowan Kidsilk Aura? Hmmm...

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Venture Outside

We'd been holed up inside doing chores, but the day is too good to miss, so we took a drive up the road to visit the neighbor's horses.

There is a patch of clover just outside of their reach, and we pulled it up in bunches to feed them.

Horses 1

Horses 4

Horses 2

Horses 3

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Favorite Things - "Autumnal"

I've always liked the word, "Autumnal." It evokes a feeling of crisp, cool air, images of beautiful, turning leaves, and, of course, the comfort of cozy sweaters.

I'd been thinking the word and not saying it, but broke down and used it the other night at dinner. Chris said, "I was waiting for that." He knows me too well!

I've been enjoying the trees. It is hard to capture a general feel of a neighborhood in one tree, but here's one I like.


Doesn't it make you think of crisp air?

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Contest

I'm going to give away a tote/knitting bag. The winner will be based on writing a caption to the cartoon post. Please leave a comment on that post. Leave some way for me to contact you, either Ravelry name, email in DOT AT format, or whatever. I'll pick the winner the first weekend in November. You have to be willing to give me a snail mail address (when contacted). Sorry, family cannot win. [Feel free to put in a caption, though. Honorable mention?]

Knitting bag

The tote is hand-made by me. The ladybugs are machine embroidered. The fabric is upholstery, and fully lined. The handles aren't on there, yet, but will be the same fabric as the red front panel. I have no intention to ever make these for money, and it isn't a promotion, other than just bringing readers to the blog.

Happy Captioning,
Lisa Kay

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Scottish Games

We visited the Scottish Games in Forest Park, yesterday. Predictably, I was interested in the sheep and shepherding.

Games - Sheep
Shetland Sheep in Multiple Colors

Games - Shepherd 1
"Keep that wolf away from us!"

Games - Shepherd 1a
"Is he still back there? Go with the man..."

Games - Shepherd 2
"Run away! Run away!"

Less predictably, they gave bird of prey demonstrations. The bald eagle was impressive, flying in from above to land on the glove.

Games - Eagle flight
"Brace yourself. I'm coming in."

Games - Eagle flight 2
"Flaps down. Landing gear out."

Games - Eagle flight 3
"Where's my treat?"

Games - Eagle
It is amazing to get this close to the birds

Games - Hawk flight
The hawk approached from below the glove...

Games - Hawk flight 2
...and enjoyed his treat.

Games - Golf
"Scottish Games" apparently include golf

Helmet 0
One of the weaponry demonstrators fitted Mitchell with a helmet

Helmet 2
"How do you hold your head up in these things?"

Helmet 3
"Can Momma knit me one of these?"

Helmet 4
"Oh, the sweet smell of haggis!"

Helmet 5
"No, I don't want to try the chain mail."

Helmet 1
"Yes, I'm a Scotsman!"

Life is sweet!

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Little Miss Muffett

We have a garden visitor, taking up residence on the outside of the garage window. While it resembles what we called, "banana spiders" when I lived on Guam, it seems to be a rather common yellow garden spider, in a group called argiope. Anyway, we were all in a flutter, here, over her presence.

Spider with whole pane
Whole window pane and bricks give sense of scale...

Spider inside web
She is outside the window, inside the web

Spider moving
One the move

Spider outside web
Sitting outside the web and window, facing the sun

As far as garden visitors go, I think I prefer Mitsy.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

School Visit

I worked frantically last week to meet a pattern submission deadline on Friday, and I took off of work Wednesday and Friday. On Wednesday morning, I took a little break and went with the boys to school. Chris normally drops off, because I have been at work a couple of hours by the time they go to school!

School - Car
Mitchell likes school, and he is all smiles as we arrive.

School - Car 2
Making Eyes at Dad

School - Car 3
Any Opportunity for a Hug (Dad, not Mitchell)

School - Car 4
Mitchell Brings Home Work to Show Us in His Backpack

School - Walking in
Eager to Start the Day

School - Classroom 
First to Arrive; Let's Get Started!
Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay