Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Latest Spinning

I haven't spun since September, when things got really hectic at work. I also haven't posted my latest yarn, finished in September. It is eight ounces of Falkland, Hello Yarn's "Mignardises" colorway. From what I could Google, the word means, "Small sweet tid-bits served at the end of the meal (after dessert), usually with coffee."

I ended up with about 700 yards of worsted, spun woolen from fauxlags.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Monday, December 29, 2014

Copper Topper

As mentioned in the "Chritmas Mitts" post, I made a "Cropped Topper" (original design name) from Vogue Knitting. I used the recommended yarn, as it is what drew me to the vest in the first place.

I have a pin holding the lower fronts together for the photos. I may wear it with a scarf pin. The stitches are loose enough, a small button is also an option...

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Friday, December 26, 2014

Chris' Christmas Sweater

I wanted to make Chris another sweater for Christmas. I have only made him one, "Devon," back in 2011. Chris likes the way that one fits (a bit over-sized), and so I used the same pattern... adjusted for a much smaller gauge and not including the cables. I also made the sleeves a bit shorter, so he wouldn't have to fold them back.

I guess he likes it!

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Scarves

I have all but one of the Christmas scarves done...

I am still working on Mitchell's scarf. He asked for a "Lord of the Rings" scarf, without having any idea what he was asking. That one is taking me longer. Maybe I can get it done by the end of the year.

Merry Christmas,
Lisa Kay

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Mitts

My first two knitted Christmas gifts are gifted. They were mittens for the two teachers in Mitchell's classroom. I used Peggy O'Grady's "Arc Mittens" pattern, again. I really like the pattern as a quick gift. The pattern is in Interweave Knits' "Accessories 2011" issue.

The first pair used Trendsetter Yarns Vigna in the colorway "Tiger's Eye," held together with a strand of brown mohair, for fluffiness. (These two yarns were left over from a project I haven't posted, yet... Hint: this vest.).

The second one is a handspun, the "Loch Ness" I spun at the end of 2013. I held two strands together, and it still only used just over half the ball, so I suppose I could still make some fingerless mitts with the rest. The Merino/Silk/Angora is super soft and very warm, so it makes mitts that feel wonderful to wear.

Mitchell took these gifts to school on Friday, so it is safe to post them, now. :)

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Monday, December 15, 2014

Wax Museum

Mitchell has been working on a semester project called, "The Wax Museum." They had to pick a historical figure and write a paper... with bibliography using at least three references. (I don't remember doing that until about fifth grade...). They also had an oral presentation where they had to dress as their character and recite their speech whenever anyone pushed the red button. At least they let them use note cards! Mitchell was Abraham Lincoln.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay