Sunday, January 29, 2012

SCF and Friends SAL Progress

I finished spinning the first pound of fiber, the red batch. It is two ply, and I ended up with just short of 1200 yards.

SCF SAL - plied2

SCF SAL - plied3

I really enjoyed spinning from the rolags. I haven't done much spinning woolen, before, not even "from the fold," so it has been an interesting project.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sweater Spin Along

Southern Cross Fibre's forum group on Ravelry is having an "SCF and Friends" sweater spin along, knit along. While I have a couple of different "sweater lots" of SCF fiber, I decided to mix a set of batts from a group of SCF fiber, inspired by David's Rhinebeck Sweater.

SCF -SAL - Bags

I separated each of the rovings into "single color" piles and drum carded them to mix them evenly. Of the nine bags above, I used all of them 100% except Uluru. In that case (the brown/orange bags second from the left), I separated out the most-orange four ounces and set it aside for some later project. In total, I'm working with two pounds of fiber.

Eight ounces of BFL in the colorway, "Florid."
SCF - BFL - Florid - Carded

Eight ounces of BFL in the colorway, "Wave Rock."
SCF - BFL - Wave Rock- Carded

Four ounces of BFL in the colorway, "Bushranger."
SCF - BFL - Bushranger- Carded

Four ounces of Falkland in the colorway, "Katoomba."
SCF - Falkland - Katoomba - Carded

Four ounces of Falkland in the colorway, "Dirt."
SCF - Falkland - Dirt- Carded

Four ounces of Falkland in the colorway, "Uluru."
SCF - Falkland - Uluru- Carded

And here is a group shot of all the individual colors. The colors along the bottom will go into a red yarn, and the colors along the top will go into a blue yarn.
SCF -SAL - Batts

I split the "red" set of batts into 16 piles of each color, and carded 16 one-ounce mixed-color batts. Then, I rolled the batts into rolags for spinning.
SCF -SAL - Making Rolags

Here is half of the red rolags, one half pound of fiber.
SCF -SAL - Rolags

Here is the first four ounces of the red rolags, spun into singles.
SCF SAL - bobbin 1 red

Below is a ply-back of the single (on the bottom), with a piece of Rowan Colourspun. The Colourspun is the yarn used in Elina. If I like how my Elina sweater turns out (made in Colourspun, in the recommended colors), I may make another one as my "SCF and Friends" SAL sweater.
SCF SAL - loopback

Here is the Ravelry link to my SAL project.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Moon Socks

I'm on a kick of handknit socks. My latest pair is using a Merino/Bamboo/Nylon blend (aka "Panda") in the colorway "New Moon" from Becoming Art.

Becoming Art - Panda - New Moon
New Moon Socks 1

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

Monday, January 2, 2012

Family Time

We're enjoying some family time together before heading back to work, tomorrow. I've had two and half weeks off, so I'm really spoiled by leisure, at the moment.

Mitchell started Diagon Alley, this morning.

Family Time 1

Family Time 2

Note my knitting in the foreground of the Lego-making table. I finally started Elina, from Rowan Nordic Tweed. The stripes are fun, though the yarn management of five balls is a little bit of a hassle...

Elina - started - closeup

I like the Rowan Colourspun yarn. It is a fun, fuzzy tweed and wonderfully soft.

Happy New Year,
Lisa Kay