Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sock Update: Heel Complete

Well, the most intimidating part of the sock is done, and it wasn't that hard... I'm using Sally Melville's sock pattern from "The Purl Stitch." The pictures show the "heel flap" and then the "heel turn."

I'm expecting a challenge in making the second sock look the same. The self-patterning yarn I'm using had a break in it, so I'll have to try to reproduce the join. Also, I was looking for a repeat of the colors at the top of the sock, and I realized that the yarn was running the other direction before the "knot" on the ball. That is, the first knitting is as if it were the outside of the ball instead of the inside.

Oh, well. If they don't match, I can wear them in boots!

Happy Knitting,

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