Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Crazy For Ewe: Knitting Happy Hour!

Hi! I'm off at Pax again, taking advantage of a chance to drop in at Crazy For Ewe, especially for the Knitting Happy Hour on Wednesday night. :) Below are pictures of the shop and the knitters. That's Ellen, the lovely owner, in the middle/left of the first picture and far right of the second.

Of course, I had to take the opportunity to pick up some gorgeous new yarns! And, in keeping with my interest of late, it is all sock yarn! The first picture is three colorways of Jitterbug, then two Ellyn Cooper Yarn Sonnets in the second picture, and the third picture is the "Sock Club" yarn, a custom-died Great Adirondack Yarn Company hand-paint. It won't be available anywhere else! The sock club also has patterns, and I just printed them out in the hotel's business center. OK, maybe I really should think about getting some sleep. Hmmm...

And to show that I'm already working on something, here is another "Stansfield 304" in the Seacoast Panda, Cherry Fizz. I like how it is working up. I changed the "purl 3 together" to a more centered decrease. It is a slip1, purl2together, pass-slipped-stitch-over. It isn't perfectly centered, but it is better than the "purl 3 together." I couldn't find instructions for a centered double-decrease in purl, so I made it up. The "Victorian Lace Today" has instructions for a knit -stitch centered double decrease, but not for purl. I think I'll do the "monkey" pattern from, next. (I printed that out, too. Free color prints. Go figure.)

Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay

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