Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dune Sweater


I have started another sweater. I modified a pattern for the first time. The ideas came from Sally Melville's "The Purl Stitch." The shape came from the cardigan, and the "fabric" came from the coat. I even picked the same yarn as she used in the coat. I thought the fabric in the coat was gorgeous, but the long length and A-line style of the coat were a bit too fancy for me. After all, if I can't wear it to work, where would I wear it? We are "business casual" at the office...

I have about six inches of the back done. The picture shows the swatchs. The left swatch is made with the needles Sally used (8 and 10), and the right was the closest I got to gauge (9 and 10.5). The rows where I'm pointing are "stockinette" rows on the larger needles. I made the stitch gauge but not the row gauge. That is OK, because I had to re-draft the pattern to the new gauge, anyway. (Sally's cardigan uses much smaller gauge with cotton yarn.) So, I drew out the shapes for the cardigan in my size and recalculated the number of stitches and rows given the results I got in my gauge swatch. Neat!

Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay


Apple said...

Wow, what yarn is this? It's really gorgeous, it reminds me of one of my handspun skeins I get a TON of compliments on but flat out refuse to sell to anyone, because, well, it's scratchier than most would be happy with, Cotswold, but wiry, even for Cotswold. Awww. But it's goooorrrrgeeeoussss, so I'm happy to see this to refer people to for folks who love my yarn but would want something softer. Or at least something that is for sale, as even if they're made from tougher stock than most, mine still isn't! ^_^ ta-dah!!!

Lisa Kay said...

Ooooh, I love the pumpkin yarn. Lovely!

The Dune Sweater is made with Trendsetter Dune. It comes in many multi-colored versions as well as newer (strangely) solids. I have made three different solid-colored scarves using the "Shape It Scarf" from Sally Melville's "Book One, The Knit Stitch," and the Dune Sweater was inspired by the "Vision Coat" from her second book, "The Purl Stitch." I used the same colorway that she did for the Vision Coat, but I made the cardigan shape (also from the same book). I think Dune is wonderful. Trendsetter yarns are available in many fine yarn shops, and I got mine at Myer's House in St. Louis. (I'm sure it is also available various places on line...)

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay