Friday, January 11, 2008

Cool Beans, Yarn Nerd!


I have discovered, via The Loopy Ewe, a seriously appropriate (ie: geeky) yarn dyer. He calls his brand, "Yarn Nerd." Ha! He is an engineer, working on an MS and dying yarn in his spare time. Isn't that the coolest??? His different yarn types are named in MHz! The sock yarn is 900 MHz. He has a seriously impressive blog, also, "Adam Knits." I ordered a green and yellow sock yarn called, "Printed Circuit Board." I am already cranking my rusty cogs trying to figure out an appropriate knitting pattern. It seems like something with some totally vertical and horizontal lines would be appropriate. (You know, like traces on a PCB?) Maybe some random vertical slip stitches and connecting garter rows? I'll have to work some test swatches (in scrap yarn, of course).

Yarn Nerd's 900 MHz, "Printed Circuit Board"

Additionally, in my Loopy purchase, I snagged two colors of Mountain Colors' Bearfoot, and a skein of Dream in Color's Baby yarn. It is interesting that I always pick bright sock yarn, but I've been wearing a lot of black and brown clothes, lately. (I guess I'm getting conservative in my old age.) I consciously forced myself to pick a brown yarn. It was painful. However, it has lovely shading, and I think it will be more "wearable" than some of my others... I like it. Really... Sort of.

Mountain Colors' Bearfoot, "Meadow"
Mountain Colors' Bearfoot, "Ruby River"

Dream In Color's Baby, "November Muse"

I am trying to figure out an arbitrary (but livable) sock yarn purchase limit. Since I have determined that I can knit no faster than a pair a month (if I don't knit any sweaters in the queue, which probably won't be the case, this year, since I'm working on the Dune Sweater already), it might make sense to limit purchases to 12 pairs' worth a year. However, I just blew five of those. Oh, well. It's a "collection." They say sock yarn doesn't count as stash. I have several years' worth already. In hindsight, I should have mentioned The Loopy Ewe in my Christmas letter. I made "groupie" status last year, but the word "junkie" might be more apt, in my case. Plus, I use the "free shipping for orders over $75" as an excuse to always buy a lot. I can tell myself I'm being frugal. Bwah ha ha!

Happy Knitting,

Lisa Kay

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Juli said...

I LOVE the Posey sock!!! Tanks for giving it to Knitty. I am staying up late just to see how to do it. I found this pattern the other night and thought you may like it for the Yarn Nerd yarn. I really like this pattern too. Check it out
Bloody Mary Socks by Sandra Park, free from Ravelry to her blog. It has lines and other requirements you posted. Hope you can use it!! See you on Rav. again thanks,julianne bredestege 'juliblue'