Monday, January 7, 2008

Spring in January


St. Louis has experienced some of its typically schizophrenic weather... 18 degrees F during the week, and in the 70's on the weekend. We enjoyed the warm day and went to the park. (It was packed!) Mitchell enjoyed the swings, of course.

I closed Mitchell's hand in the car door on Saturday. He got to experience the emergency room and an X-ray, but he is fine. (Thank heaven.) It just put a scare into all of us.

I am back working on my Dune Sweater, and the sleeves are almost done. I took a detour over the holiday to put together a pattern submission for Knitty. Their quarterly submission date was January 5. I made a sock. You're not allowed to show it on your blog or anywhere until the pattern goes live, which would be in early March if it is published. I won't know until probably a few weeks before that. I'll put it on the blog if they don't publish it (and I'm allowed to link to it if they do), so it should be on the blog, either way, in late February or early March. :)

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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