Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wrixlan Jacket Started


I've been working on the back of the Wrixlan Jacket (from a Jamieson's pattern book) for about a week. It will have four repeats, and it has about 3.5 so far. This will look weird if you are familiar with the pattern, because it calls for the whole jacket knitted in the round, but I added side seams. The fronts and back will be knitted separately.

The yarn is Dream in Color's Classy (the thicker of their yarns) in color Nightwatch, which I purchased at Knitty Couture in St. Louis, on "The Loop." The colors are blending beautifully, so far. I took the conservative approach of knitting two hanks at once, alternating every two rows, just in case there is an overall shade difference between the hanks. (Hand dyes tend to have that problem.)

I really like the cables. I have enough yarn to make Mitchell a pullover, so maybe I'll put one of these large, overlapping cables up the center front.

Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay


sylvie deguine said...

hello liza.I 'm french and i would like to knitt the wrixlan jacket,but it s impossible to by the pattern coze it s no more available.Please can you send me this pattern?by mail or post??i give you my mail;
thank you and kiss from france

Lisa Kay said...


While the Wrixlan Jacket pattern is out of print, as you say, and it cannot be purchased wholesale (or ordered by your local yarnshops) the book is still available for purchase retail. One of the retailers that still has copies is:

It is "Jamieson's Shetland Knitting Book" (also might be considered "Book One," but it wasn't called that, since Book 2 and Book 3 obviously didn't exist, yet). Anyway, I refer you to various places that still sell that book. Even if it were not available anymore, it wouldn't be appropriate for me to send you a copy. I'd have to refer you to the author. Under enough demand, they might reprint. You're in luck though, as it is still available to buy.