Friday, February 22, 2008

Sidetracked! CPH


I've joined The Loopy Ewe's (TLE) Dream in Color (DIC) knit-along (KAL). TLE gave a 20% discount on the yarn for joining the KAL. I think they've extended the deadline, if you are interested. Anyway, you can knit any sweater pattern you want. If you post pictures to their web site by June 1, you get entered in a drawing for some nice yarn prizes. Yea! All other knitting (primarily Wrixlan Jacket and Posey #2) have been put on the back burner while I attempt to crank out a Central Park Hoodie (CPH) by Heather Lodinsky. I have made some cable chart changes, and carried cables into the ribbing. Photo shows the ribbing for the back. Obviously, for those familiar with the CPH, it is already a bit different.

The DIC yarn is actually the same line I'm using for the Wrixlan Jacket, in a different colorway. This colorway is "Ruby River." I really like it. TLE said they may offer another discount on DIC for anyone completing their entry by June 1, so maybe I'll get another batch, too... Obviously, I'm a fan of DIC. There is a group on Ravelry just for DIC. There is also a DIC KAL thread on TLE's group forum, if you are interested in joining the KAL. The original deadline to sign up was today, but I believe it is extended because they sold out of all colors!!!

When I get enough done that I'm sure what my modifications are, I'll post some instructions for the modified cable charts.

Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay

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