Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tempest Sleeves


I finished the Tempest Sleeves. I found the color switching a lot more convenient after I went to circular needles. I'm doing a size with an odd number of rows in each color, so sometimes the yarn is at the wrong end at the switch. With circulars, you just slide back to the other end and do another row on the same side (wrong side or right side). I did the fronts and back on straight needles, and I had to cut the yarn a lot. Duh!

I thought I'd get Mitchell and Loopy in the picture, again, and Mitchell was not too happy about having to share Loopy. I keep Loopy put away most of the time. When I get him out, Mitchell runs off with him...

Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay


Anonymous said...

From Meri:
I wonder how you do it: having a job, taking care of the family & house, keeping-in-shape, knitting, blogging... You must be super organized. I am not. No wonder my knitting has been on hold for over 15 years.

Lisa Kay said...


Yes, it seems I meet myself coming and going. Lately, I don't get much sleep. I do have to give a lot of credit to my husband, who takes care of Mitchell a lot and cooks, too. :) I also knit whenever I get a chance, at a lunch break sometimes, and I try to get a few minutes each morning before I leave for work. (That keeps me on schedule, because if I procrastinate, I say to myself, "I'm wasting knitting time!")

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay