Sunday, July 20, 2008

Let's Play Tag


I've seen a few blog things where folks ask certain questions, and you answer them in turn... This set came from Fig and Plum.

1. What Was I Doing Ten Years Ago?

In 1998, I bought my first house (a townhouse) in Leesburg, Virginia. I was working at Orbital Sciences Corporation on the OrbView-4 imaging satellite. In my free time, I was quilting (not yet knitting) and gardening.

2. What are 5 Things on My To-Do List Today?

a) Sew buttons on Tempest II (done)
b) Update McAfee and remove Spyware from my 'puter (done, I think... ack!)
c) Laundry (still needs folded)
d) Knit if I get some time (I did, a bit... still hoping for a bit more)
e) Sunday night dinner with the grandparents (only W's this week. E's at family reunion...)

3. Snacks I Enjoy

- Lately, I eat a lot of "100 Calorie" anything. My desk is full of 100 Cal Doritoes, popcorn, M&M's, etc... The trick is to just have one!
- Ice cream (My favorite low-cal one is Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches in mint flavor.)
- Cheese (Weight Watchers has some one-point cheese sticks.)
- Sometimes I combine a WW english muffin and WW cheese. (2 pts)

4. Things I Would Do If I Were a Billionaire

- Take golf lessons from someone who knows what they're doing and tour the world's famous courses.
- Knit a lot
- If it happened soon, I might have another child. (Have I mentioned I would quit my job?)

5. Places I Have Lived

- Beale AFB
- Guam
- Southern Illinois
- Cambridge, MA (College)
- Los Angeles (Garden Grove /La Habra / Pasadena / Monrovia / Glendale)
- Virginia (Ashburn and Leesburg)
- Southern Illinois, again

6. Jobs I've Had

Going way back...
- Babysitter
- Lifeguard (3 summers)
- Short order cook (college, 2 years)
- Lab assistant, MIT Space Systems Lab (college, 2 years)
- McDonnell Douglas (Space Station)
- Jet Propulsion Lab (Cassini, Mars Pathfinder)
- Orbital Sciences (BATSAT, OrbView-4)
- Boeing (Hornets)

Tag, you're it. (Leave a comment if you play, so I can see your entry...)

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay


Anonymous said...

Hi, Brent here. I have been enjoying your latest blog entries. I now have a shortcut on my desktop screen to the blog so I can check it more often.

As for my questions:
10 years ago---started my internship in Decatur in July of '98.

I have lived in Mt. Vernon, Charleston, ST. Louis and Decatur.

Favorite snack: cheese, of course.

Billionaire: probably do something like Andrew Carnegie and give away libraries and fire engines. I figure a lot of communities need them.

Past jobs:
roadie for mobile DJ---nothing wild just anniversary parties and kids parties

land title researcher/courthouse real estate researcher

mowed some yards

worked on a local history book for a summer

I forget the rest of the questions. Oh, well.

jess said...

wow, if only i could have claimed that many things having to do with space in my meme! :)