Saturday, September 27, 2008

Alpaca Farm Days


We headed out to Odelia Alpaca Farms, today. It is a local farm with a small number of alpacas, and they sell yarn and sweaters, among other things. They had some folks there, spinning and talking about the yarn.

These are the two male alpacas that they have. They stayed a bit closer to the fence than the females did. They were curious, but they didn't want to be handled.

There were two new baby alpacas born there this week, both of them brown.

Here is Mitchell with one of their dogs. One dog was outside the pen, and one was inside, with the alpacas. One time when it got near a baby alpaca, the mama charged it to run it off. The owner said that is about as agressive as they get.

Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay

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Laura said...

Listen to your husband and go ahead and get a spinning wheel! Knitting is wonderful, but the pleasure knitting affords is magnified 100x when you knit yarn that you spun!

And spinning takes nothing away from knitting - not really.

(I wanted to check out some alpacas for National Alpaca Days, but there are not any alpaca farms where we are this weekend - irony of ironies, there is a participating alpaca farm only 12 miles from my home, though!)