Friday, September 5, 2008

Political Rant


Pardon me for the political aside. I did not expect to really have much comment on the election, but I feel the need to say that I am ecstatic with the choice of Governor Sarah Palin as Senator McCain’s running mate. Finally! I have always said that I would like to see a female president in my lifetime. (But Ms. Clinton was not the one I wanted to see. Enough said about that.)

The thing that really has me writing this political rant is that I am horrified by some of the liberal media response to Governor Palin. Let me be specific. On Wednesday evening (9/3/08), Sally Quinn of the Washington Post went on Bill O’Reilly’s program for an interview. She said that even though she believed in working mothers – she herself is a working mother and “many of [her] friends are working mothers,” – there is a “tipping point,” and Governor Palin needed to “reconsider her priorities.” Gee, Sally, is that “tipping point” the spot I encounter when I climb the ladder and clumsily collide with the so-called glass ceiling? And just who is it that establishes that glass ceiling—feminist, liberal Democrats like yourself???

A subsequent guest of Bill O’Reilly captured it by saying that the problem the liberals have with Governor Palin is that she is, “their worst nightmare.” I believe that pretty much sums it up. They are so scared by a capable, ethical, experienced, inspiring, female candidate, that they are pulling out whatever weapons they can find to sling at her, including contrived, saccharine family values and liberal, feminist, self-imposed glass ceilings. I was hollering, “Hypocrite!” at the TV. I can only conclude that Sally received a thorough thrashing from all quarters, because she went on Bill O’Reilly’s program, again, tonight (9/5/08), and basically recanted, including saying, “I was wrong about her.” I should say so! Sally explained her change of heart by saying that Governor Palin’s speech at the convention turned her around. I suspect there is more to it than that, but I have to agree the speech was excellent. The transcript can be found here.

I am so thrilled by Senator Palin on the ticket that I will actually be pleased to vote in November. It’s been a long time since I could say that. From the time that Reagan left the White House, I have lamented that no one in a position to be elected President really seems to deserve it– sort of a political Catch-22. How refreshing it is to be able to vote for someone I actually want in office, and a woman at the same time! What a bonus!

I sincerely hope that they win, and that President McCain gives Vice-President Palin a visible, significant role in the administration, grooming her for President. After all, at age 72, is he really going to run for a second term? Whether four years or eight (or perhaps a weird interim number, which I certainly hope not), she looks to be an excellent candidate for the next President! How cool is that?

Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay

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