Wednesday, October 22, 2008



The Ladybug demo unit did arrive at the Weaving Department (Myer's House), yesterday, and they graciously allowed me to trade the Ashford Joy for it. I haven't bought it yet (it is a class demo), but I plan to, if they'll let me. They usually do that for a 10% discount during the class.

I was so tired last night that I didn't even try it out before going to bed. I did give it a spin this morning, and I love it! I like the double treadle and the height, and the way the maiden hooks work, and, of course, it is just so darn cute!

The sun isn't out today, so these aren't the best pictures, but I was just anxious...

Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay


Laura said...

So spinning-wise, you'd say this beats the Joy? I do take my Joy traveling so I must say the easy portability is a factor for me. But a second wheel would be able to stay put...

I really like the looks of it and would love to try one. But a spinning-friend pointed out that if I get another spinning wheel I'd be able to use my bobbins interchangeably if I bought another Ashford.

Still, that Ladybug looks so nice and your yarn is lovely!

Lisa Kay said...

Hi, Laura,

Yes, I like it better than the Ashford Joy.
- Taller... good for me
- Bobbins are bigger
(good for plying)
- Flier hooks on one side
- Double treadle is great

The Ashford is neat for portability, but other than that, the Ladybug wins, hands down!

Lisa Kay