Saturday, October 11, 2008

Spinning Class


Spinning class number one was today. It was spinning wool on a drop spindle.

We got some homework, too. I finished my first "single" this afternoon, and I plied it, somewhat clumsily. My niddy noddy arrived in the mail, today, just in time, so I wrapped up the first "skein." Not too bad for my first try!

The niddy noddy makes 5-foot skeins, so this is about 40 feet. It just goes into the keepsake box, I think!

Next week, wheels!

Happy Spinning!
Lisa Kay


Anonymous said...

Hey, look at that beautiful skein and you finished it this afternoon. Very impressive. My roving hasn't even made it from the car to the house yet. It's 10:30 and I've just now gotten home. See you next week in class.

The "other Lisa"

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Would you be able to tell me where I could sign up for wool spinning classes in the metro St. Louis. I live in Collinsville, IL. Thanks. My email is

Lisa Kay said...

The Weaving Departmentt at Myer's House. It is on the St. Louis Knitter's Guild shop guide. The shop is at Dunn Rd and Hanley in St. Louis, near the intersection of Hanley and 270. Lisa Kay

Anonymous said...

Yea - Your first yarn! :) Looks much better than my first.

Laura said...

For my first half-dozen or so skeins, I used those little circular price tags (the kind with a cardboard center rimmed with metal and with a string to tie it or tape it to an item) to date each of my efforts and record what fiber was used. It was fun later to see my progress by the condition of the yarn.

Your work is lovely - you must be a natural at spinning!