Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spinning Progress


I had my second class and have a wheel on loan for a week. I finished my first skein of homework on the wheel, white merino, as we used last week with the spindle. It came out very nice, I think. I got lots of practice drafting on the spindle, and the wheel seemed to go well from the start.

The wheel I borrowed is an Ashford Joy. Here's a picture of me with it on the porch. I'm hoping the Ladybug will come in this week. My mom will drive me over to trade. (I'm not cleared to drive yet, since my surgery... probably tomorrow.)

The roving I'm spinning above is the Lorna Laces "Rainbow," shown below as singles and plied. I think it will make a cute hat for Mitchell... maybe mitts, too, if I have enough. It is about 140 yards, total, from 4 oz of roving. (I finished plying the second skein since taking this picture.)

I also finished another skein of the Creatively Dyed "Pirate." The spindle-spun skein I finished last week is on the left, and the wheel-spun skein is on the right. They look pretty compatible. I'll probably alternate skeins when I knit, though. I'm not sure what I'll make. It is only about 225 yards, total. (It was 8 oz of roving.)

At class on Saturday, I also picked up a hand-dyed roving from "Spunsilver Creations," called "Dragon Fruit." I also ordered seven more (to get two pounds, enough for most sweaters).

Dyer: Spunsilver Creations
Colorway Name: Dragon Fruit
Content: 80% Merino, 20% Silk
Amount: 4 oz (x1, but ordered 7 more)

Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay


Laura said...

You have made beautiful yarn! How do you like the JOy? That's what I have and my only complaint is that the orifice is so low, that unless I'm sitting on a sofa or a low chair my back will ache from bending over. Otherwise I love it.

Can't wait to hear about the Ladybug.

Lisa Kay said...

Hi, Laura,

I was getting pretty comfortable with the Joy, and I had started to coach myself to sit back, even though it was very low. However, I got the Ladybug, yesterday, and just started to spin on it this morning. The first thing that struck me was how much I liked that it is taller. I also like the double treadle, though it doesn't actually help that much as far as going backwards... but the fact that it is taller lets me give the maiden a little push with my hand without leaning over. I also like that the maiden has hooks all on one side (so you can use all of them without re-threading the orifice, as I had to do with the Joy).

The main thing I liked about the Joy was the portability. The folding and going into a case was really nice... but I don't plan to travel with the wheel all that much. I like the Ladybug *much* better already!

Lisa Kay