Friday, October 3, 2008

Urge to Spin


I've been holding off getting sucked into the world of spinning, but I got the bug at the Alpaca Farm Days, last week, where they were doing demos. It turns out that Myer's House and Barn has a class coming up. It is three Saturdays in a row, starting October 11. The first day is using a drop spindle, then they send one home with you for a week. Then, the second week is using a wheel, and they send that home with you for a week. One more Saturday using the wheel, and I'll probably be hooked. I am particularly interested in the Ladybug; they are supposed to get a demo in for use in the class. Yea! I've gotten some books, "Start Spinning" and "A Fine Fleece," to help me get settled with my terminology and get motivated... not that I need help getting motivated. I am so excited, and I really like looking at rovings online... I haven't bought any, yet, but I don't think it will be long.

The classes will be especially interesting at this time, since I'll be having surgery on the Tuesday after the first class to remove half of my thyroid. If the tests don't go well, I'll have to have the second half out on the next Tuesday. I asked at the doctor's office about this, and they thought I'd be OK to spin four days after the surgery(ies). It is one overnight in the hospital, and a planned week off work (two if there are two surgeries... they would be a week apart).

The spinning will be a great distraction...

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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Laura said...

Hoping all goes well with your surgery!

If you play on the Ladybug, or better yet, if you BUY one, I'd love to hear /read what you think of it. I'm considering getting another wheel next year, but right now I'm leaning towards another Ashford (I have a Joy) so that all the bobbins will be interchangeable. But those Ladybugs look nice!