Sunday, May 10, 2009

Indian Mound


Not far from where we live, the Cahokia Mounds provide an interesting historic site for visiting (and exercising).

Here's the mound in the background, from the parking lot. There is a whole series of trails around the site, but I've only gone from this spot to the mound. Maybe someday we'll hike more of the site. Usually, the stairs on the mound are enough for me.

Here's Daddy pointing out, "You are here," on the trail map.

Mitchell ran for the base of the mound. This picture is looking more or less West, heading toward the base of the first terrace.

This picture is taken looking up at the two terraces, from east of the base of the mound.

Here are the guys after climbing up the first terrace, looking at the main part of the mound.

Looking back East, from the base, toward the parking lot. Here's Mitchell running back toward me after running ahead. Too much energy...

Looking West from the mound, there is a great view of the St. Louis sky line. It was a bit hazy that day, but scenic. Everything is deep green from lots of spring rain.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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