Sunday, May 24, 2009

What I've Been Up To...


I've been dabbling in different projects, lately. I've been doing a bit of quilting, for one thing. More on that in a later post.

I started a Bobble Cardigan from Jane Ellison's "Knitting Noro" book. I used Silk Garden Chunky in a pink/purple combination (with many other colors, too). It came out a bit darker looking than I expected, mainly because of the black segments. I may try again in another color-way. I really like the bobbles, but I am not thrilled with the overall look of this yarn. I finished the fronts and back (not blocked).

Before moving on to the sleeves of the Bobble Cardigan, I got distracted by finding Wendy Johnson's book, "Socks From the Toe Up," (of "Wendy Knits" blogging acclaim) at the local bookstore.

I was so intrigued that I had to start a sock, and now I am off finishing up my second sock. I like the toe up method. I used "Judy's Magic Cast On," which Wendy says in her book is the one she always uses, and which really does seem to work like magic. Love it!

I like the patterns in the book, especially the sport/worsted weight versions, for some reason. Wendy's book is written at just the right level for me. (Simple.) I also purchased Cookie A.'s book, "Sock Innovation." I have paged through it, and I am learning a lot from the technical sections, such as "common charting mistakes." The patterns, however, I find very daunting. I prefer a simple pattern repeat I can memorize. Okay, call me lazy, but I knit to relax!

The sock yarn is Crystal Palace Panda Cotton. It was in my gift bag from The Loopy Ewe when I became a "Loopy Groupie" (after six orders). That was a long time ago! My return to sock knitting after about a year's hiatus also has me also sock yarn shopping, too. Of course, I already have enough sock yarn stash to knit for the rest of my life... but still...

I've also been spinning, of course. My lastest is Sanguine Gryphon's "Recalcitrant." I have seven braids, and I am almost done with the third braid. There is a picture of the roving and one bobbin full of singles, below. I'm planning to ply two singles together, as I usually do.

The brown in the roving really seems to produce some orange tones. I started with the darkest of the braids, and I'll ply it with the lightest, so it should look a little pinker than this when it is all done.

Happy Knitting and Spinning!
Lisa Kay

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Robin said...

Loopy looks pretty happy in with the socks and fiber. I would be happy hanging out with that too.