Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quilts for Dane and Mitchell


With a nephew, Dane, on the way, I'm making baby gifts and off to another shower, today. I started with the checkerboard booties, but the main gift is a quilt. The nursery colors are blue, red, and brown, so I picked out some fabrics that seemed to fit. I also got enough to make two quilts, so that Mitchell would get one. The only difference is that Dane's quilt has some brown in the backing fabric, and Mitchell's backing is just blue, and Dane's is quilted in brown thread while Mitchell's is quilted in blue thread. And, of course, the tags are different!

Mitchell refers to Dane as "Cloudy." He's been very consistent about it. I'm sure he means in a very billowing, white, summery cloud sort of way, not a dark, thundering sort of way, since he is quite excited. Whenever anyone talks about a baby, he says things like, "I'm getting a cousin!" or "When is my baby coming?" He has also been asking, "What month is it?" When I've said, "May," or now "June," he says, "What month is Cloudy coming?"

I took these pictures last weekend, when I finished the quilt. You might think I'm so efficient and early, but if you knew that the shower was originally scheduled for the 6th, and then slipped, you might realize that I'm still a "just in time" finisher...

We can't wait to meet our nephew/cousin! Yea!!!

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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