Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good Knight

Mitchell likes to put various things on his head and say they are helmets. Here is a white T-shirt, one of the more innocuous items. Some of the other would be black-mail material some day... think underpants...

He has a lot of knight toys, a couple of castles, a boy-size sword, etc. I have a bruise on my arm that I think is a sword wound! The Playmobile knights and castles are pretty neat. There is "working" cannon. (Spring-powered).

He really enjoyed this book from the library. He asked for it after we took it back. Maybe we should buy it. It is about three little dragons who agree to take care of a wizard's kitties, but they can't read his instructions. They use the pictures in the instructions, to interesting results. The Good Knight helps them out and teaches them to read.

Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay

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Robin said...

Can't go wrong with Lightning McQueen underwear. We have lots of them at our house. I wish you lived closer I think our boys playing together would be a sight.