Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ingenue Finished


I finished my Ingenue sweater in just over three weeks. I like the fit, though I have to agree with Sally Melville (in the classes I attended in St. Louis) that raglan sleeves are not the most flatterning.

My original post with the yarn info and pattern picture is here.

I added a couple of increase repeats before separating for the arms. I started with the M size and ended up using the st count for the next size higher. Then, I put in six short rows (six turns each side) starting 3 sts from the side marker, turning one st sooner on each turn. The shaping ended up a little lower than it should be, but probably better than if there were none. This is the first time I tried to throw those in myself, so it was a learning experience.
I did waist shaping for two extra repeats than the pattern instructed. This also added some length. Folks on Ravelry seemed fairly unanimous that it was coming out too short. I didn’t change the waist shaping increases, though.
Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay

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