Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Knight

Happy Halloween,

Here is our knight in shining armor.

Mitchell enjoyed his knight costume. We dressed up early to go get photos with "Rapuzel" and her little brother, the dragon, but the timing didn't work out... they were eating dinner.

We did manage to get several good shots while the sun was still up, though, so it was not to no avail.

Note the spider in the background in the photo above. That is our neighbor's yard. The spider is animated and lights up, so Mitchell goes to visit it whenever we come home after dark. They also have a small fish pond in the front yard that Mitchell likes to peek into. Occasionally, we find a frog visiting the fish, too.

Mitchell practiced some sword play with the skyrocket junipers in our front yard. Since we have been battling bag worms over the last few weeks, I didn't discourage him. I'm about ready to cut them down and burn them, anyway!

"On guard, you dasterdly tree! Defend thyself!"

Running with a sword in your belt that is longer than your legs can be a tricky business.

The neighborhood is safe for another Halloween of trick-or-treating.

Happy Halloween,
Lisa Kay

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Robin said...

That last picture is awesome. It is very arty.