Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lattice Sock


I finished the second Lattice sock and got all the pattern updates, made. It is a long pattern (10 pages) because it has all the math for any size/gauge. There are example tables for a baby bootie, child's sock, and the women's "lattice" sock, with instructions for modifying gauge and size. It can be downloaded here for free. It is called, "Formula Toe Up Socks For Any Size."

Here is the previous Lattice sock post.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay


Mliz said...

Your socks are an inspiration Lisa!! Where do you get the time?

Lisa Kay said...

Well, I try to fit in 15-30 minutes before I leave for work, and I usually get a pretty good session when Mitchell naps on the weekend. I also like socks because I can take them in the car and get a row or two on the way to get groceries or other errands on the weekend. (Chris always drives.) I also manage some in the evening while Mitchell plays or watches TV. Any spare moment...