Sunday, November 8, 2009

First Sock Homespun


I finished my first sock yarn. It is a three-ply fingering, made from "Spunky Eclectic's" April '09 club fiber, wool and 10% nylon. I hadn't spun nylon fiber before, but it went fine. The colorway, "Soul Windows," has the colors of eyes. It ended up seeming mostly blue, but I spun it quite thin, going for sock yarn.

The three-ply should make a nice "basic" sock for the Nov/Dec sock club. It will be a bit thicker than other sock yarns, I think. (Not as thin as some "fingering" weight, but not "sport," either.) It may be about like Fleece Artist Somoko, which I had to knit at 58 stitches for a sock instead of the normal 66.

I have over 1000 yards (from a "double dose," 8 oz of fiber), so it will either be more than one pair or perhaps a gift of handspun for another sock knitter.
Happy Spinning!
Lisa Kay


lamazeteacher said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing the beautiful things you knit.
Wanted to add that the new design heading the blog is very pretty.

Lisa Kay said...

Thanks! Just added some upgrades. :)

Lisa Kay

Mliz said...

Hey Lisa! Mitchell is a charming knight!! Neat costume! Looks like he had great fun at the park too!
Your sock yarn is beautiful!! (AND all your completed foot wear). My pink sock has been neglected but I did work on it the other day. My daughter wants cowls and my daughter in law wants a cloche. Then there's a sweater for E's dolly..........
As you say. Happy Knitting!!!