Friday, November 13, 2009

Mitchell Visits Santa


We spent our normal Friday, lunch with Gma E, a visit to the mall, the usual outing. We really look forward to our Fridays. Today, I was actually at home in the morning, because Gma W was having surgery, and I kept Mitchell for the whole day. When we woke up, the first thing Mitchell said was, "Is it Friday?" I think he looks forward to it as much as I do.

Today, Santa was at the mall. I knew he was coming soon, because the area was starting to be assembled, last week. Mitchell was excited and wanted to go see him. We only had to wait for one family in front of us, which is a nice part of going early in the season. :)

Mitchell was a bit shy and wouldn't talk, but he did willingly get on Santa's lap and smile, this year, which was an improvement over last year. I did the talking, telling Santa Mitchell's name and what he wanted. Mitchell had already told me he wants a Bat Cave (Imaginex) and sperm whale (Playmobile). In point of fact, Santa's little helper (your's truly) has already assured the postive completion of the mission. (Little stashes are already being created around the house...)
Ah, the season... Now, I need to order a turkey...

Gobble, gobble!
Lisa Kay

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