Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas, Part 1


We met at Uncle Dave's for the "E" family Christmas, today. Dane is five months old, and a little trooper. He stayed awake until a few minutes before we left, even though he has a cough. (He was just getting back from the doctor when we got there.)

I held Dane as much as I could. Chris looked over at me and just said, "No." (Gee, I can't imagine what that means...).

Dane had the cutest Christmas outfit with little Santas on the feet. They were apparently tasty, too!

Dane has just recently started rolling over, and he demonstrated for us and got some "belly time."

Mitchell was already handing out lots of cousinly advice. He's very helpful. He tried to tell Aunt Stephanie how to get Dane to sleep, too.

Three generations of E's. See any resemblance?

Proud Grandpa!

Edited to add:
More pictures from Grandpa's camera...

Mitchell's gift from Grandpa and Grandma was an Imaginext Dragon Castle. Mitchell was very entertained. He also added another dragon to his collection.

Mitchell kept saying for the last few days that he wanted to see Dane. "Are we going to see Dane, today?" Well, now you got to see him, Sweetie!

This one will be great in the "Cousins" frame that Uncle Dave and Aunt Stephanie gave to Mitchell. :)

Happy Christmas!
Lisa Kay

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