Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Robot Follow-Up


I had fun telling Mitchell all about Sojourner, the robot (rover) that Momma helped send to Mars. I also mentioned that there are two newer robots, Spirit and Opportunity, that went to Mars and are still functioning there. I talked quite a bit about there being three robots, and repeated their names a few times to try to make an impression.

I asked Chris to read the robot blog post from yesterday, because I thought it was interesting and fun. He didn't say much about to me, but when we were putting Mitchell to bed, he asked Mitchell:

Daddy: "Mitchell, what's a robot?"
Mitchell: "Momma, you answer." (Haggling ensues, and eventually Momma answers.)
Momma: "It's a machine people build to do something for them."
Daddy: "Like a toaster?"

At that point, we digressed into robots walking, etc. Then, Daddy followed up with:

Daddy: "Mitchell, are there robots in space?"
Mitchell: "Yes, there are three."

I guess an impression was made!

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay


mneme said...

lol! how cute! (and smart!) i'm just wondering if Mitchell thinks there are three toasters in space :)

Lisa Kay said...

Good point. I was thinking I should show him some pictures on the computer. No time like the present!

Lisa Kay

Judy S. said...

Hi, I found your blog through Knitting Daily and was happy to see your variation on the CPH. It's been fun reading some of your postings as our DD#1 lives in IL and my DH is retired from Boeing.