Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Stuff Put Away


Well, it may make perfect sense to everybody else, but I'm surprised and oddly pleased to announce we put away our Christmas things, today.

The odd thing about it is that we have had them up since the first weekend in November in 2008. Last year, whenever I mentioned putting them up, Mitchell would say he wanted them to stay out. It was just enough of an excuse to keep me from dragging the boxes out of the basement and doing the chore. By the time summer rolled around, we used the excuse that it was already closer to "next Christmas" than to "last Christmas," and we knew the stuff was up for the year.

So, I tried to not allow any procrastination, this year. Mitchell initially said he wanted to leave them out, but he didn't protest after I really got going. After all, now he has another little space for toys! (Much needed...)
Maybe sometime soon I can take the baby-proofing padding off the edge of the hearth bricks...

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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Jane said...

Got ours packed away on Saturday too. Now basking in the glory of a less cluttered home!