Sunday, January 31, 2010

Favorite Things: Hotel Soap


Having a child has made me appreciate simple things. Mitchell likes soap and lotion. When I travel, I like to bring him something back, and I have found that one of the most appreciated tokens is the free soap or lotion that the hotel provides.

Last week, I attended a conference in the LA area. The conference booked rooms at the Four Seasons, WestLake Village, for a reduced rate (lower than most local hotels' regular rates). I felt a certain guilty pleasure at staying there, but it was less expensive... I've never stayed at a Four Seasons, before, and I lapped up the luxury. I don't suppose that's what they mean when they say, "The lap of luxury."

Four Seasons Westake Village

Did you notice that the logo looks like the "Tree of Life" Fair Isle knitting pattern? Does everyone see knitting patterns everywhere, or is it just me?

I secreted away the soaps every day, and they always gave me more, so I got three day's worth of really fancy French soap. The bath soap is verbena-scented, and the facial soap is milk-scented (which means, "plain," I think!) The verbena one really kicks a punch, and Mitchell liked it a lot.

I had an early morning flight on Friday, so I spent the last night at a hotel near the airport, the Embassy Suites. It is a nice hotel, too. Their soap is by a company called, "Bloom," and it is "Rosemary Infused." It demands happiness. The front of it actually states, "Smile now."

I found the soap dish at a local antique show at the Belleville Fair Grounds. We don't make it down there very often, but there are often good finds. Chris' parents like to go there, and they got Mitchell some old cap guns with a holster, which they gave him for Christmas.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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Jennifer said...

Love it! I always bring back the hotel soaps and shampoos and donate them to our local homeless shelter which needs one-night items for the transients. Of course, it's not L'Occitaine...

Laura said...

Beautiful soaps!