Saturday, February 6, 2010

Apple Corer Mishap


I recently attended my first Pampered Chef party, and I bought several of their tools. One of the items is this apple corer. This shot shows it with the blade cover in place on the sharp side.

They mentioned at the party that it was extremely sharp, and I took this as a good thing. I'd used something similar in the past, and it was dull and almost impossible to use. When they demonstrated it, I thought, "Ahah! They have one that works!"

I used it for the first time last night. It worked like a champ, and I was extremely careful with it, due to the warnings. Getting a finger curled underneath it when chopping an apple would be sort of a finger-guillotine. All went swimmingly cutting the apple, but a mishap occurred doing dishes. I washed it carefully and put it in the dish drainer. When I picked it up from the drainer, I got a hold of the business end.

The emergency room gave me a tetanus shot, a Vicodin, two shots of anesthetic (one at the base of each finger), seven stitches, and some fancy bandages. They cleaned it with three different solutions, too, which is probably the most important part. They also gave me a dishes-reprieve for about a week. (No dishes until the stitches are out. Silver lining!)

We moved the apple corer/wedger and the larger-but-similar pineapple corer/wedger out of the bottom utility drawer, up to a high and inaccessible (to four-year-olds) location. Sheesh. When they said it was sharp, they weren't kidding.

When Chris loaded me in the car to go to the ER, I said, "This isn't going to be good for my knitting."

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay


Laura said...

Has it affected your knitting? Hope you heal quickly - fingertips are very sensitive!

Sewlove said...

I was going to ask were to get one, but after reading you completed post will just continue to use knives. Feel better soon.

Lisa Kay said...

I still manage to knit a bit. Luckily, it was the last two fingers, not the first two. I do find that I brace my ring finger on the needle, but I manage to keep the cut part away from it most of the time!

I still think the apple-corer is a dandy tool. It just requires the same respect you would give to a good knife... not to be juggled or idly grabbed.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay