Monday, February 8, 2010

Favorite Things: Mail

...and wool in the mail.

I don't know why, but I've always loved getting the mail. Even when I was a kid, when the mail was usually for my folks, I'd run to the mailbox to see if I had a letter from a pen pal. In college, I checked the mail religiously, even though it was usually empty, hoping for a letter from home or a shipping slip saying there was a care package being held for me at the front desk. Now, even though the mail is full of bills and ads that don't exactly twist my crank, I hurry to the mail box to see what's in store.

My mailbox these days is a a brick affair that is even more crooked than it was the summer I constructed it, having been plowed over by a neighbor and re-erected using a backhoe. Still, it is a little project from my own two hands, and usually full of promise... Promise of knitting magazines or a yarn catalog.

I used a sturdy aluminum mailbox instead of a cheap tin version. (I could never understand building a fancy brick mailbox with a cheap mailbox insert that rusts out. Why scrimp, when you're building with brick? It's like investing a year's worth of hand-knitting using yucky yarn.)

I haul down the front cover, to unearth my treasures... on a day such as this, my subscription to Zen Yarn Garden's Art Walk Sock Club. It explains my eagerness to check the mail.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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Jane said...

Wonderful yarn, beautiful mailbox!

Laura said...

I'm with you on the mail! And I still correspond with my German pen-pal I've had since I was 14. Just a few days ago a lovely package from her arrived, complete with teas, special sugars for the tea, and yarn and a felted bag pattern.

Wool, letters, or books in the mail - what could be nicer?