Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reims, Toe-Up


I liked the Reims pattern so much that I made another pair, though I worked this set toe-up. The pattern, again, is from the book, "Sock Club: Join The Knitting Adventure." The toe-up pattern mods are below.

I used String Theory's Caper Sock, in the colorway Agave. It is a heavy fingering weight (or maybe sport weight), and I used a size 2 needle again, as I did with the last heavy yarn. It worked up beautifully, and I highly recommend this yarn. In fact, I ordered another skein, in black. I enjoy knitting with more exciting colors of yarns, but I wear a lot of black, so I think it will be a good choice.

Here is how I modified them for toe-up::


CO 28 total sts, 14 on each of two needles, using your favorite toe-up circular cast on. (I use Judy's Magic Cast On.)

Knit one round.

Separate stitches onto either four dpns or one or two circulars, as you prefer to knit socks. The first half of the sts will be considered the instep, and the second half the sole.

[Round 1: M1, knit to last two sts on instep, m1, k1.
M1, knit to last two sts on sole, m1, k1.
Round 2: K all sts for one round.]
Repeat until 60 sts are completed in the round.


Work the instep in the Reims pattern, and the sole in k, until the length from the toe is approximately 2.5 to 3 inches shorter than the desired foot length.


Continuing in Reims pattern for the instep, work the sole as follows:

[Round 1 (sole): M1, knit to last two sts of sole, m1, k1.
Round 2 (sole): K all sts.]

Repeat until 20 increases (20 gusset rounds) are completed.
50 sts on the sole/heel needle(s).

Turn Heel

Work the instep in pattern.
For the heel,
K32, kf&b, k1, w&t.
P17, pf&b, p1, w&t.
K15, kf&b, k1, w&t.
P13, pf&b, p1, w&t.
K11, kf&b, k1, w&t.
P9 pf&b, p1, w&t.
K7, kf&b, k1, w&t.
P5, pf&b, p1, w&t.
58 sts on sole/heel needle(s).
K to the end of the heel sts.
Work the instep in pattern.

Heel Flap (Eye of Partridge)

Row 1: K43, ssk, turn.
Rows 2 and 4: Sl1, p28, p2tog, turn.
Row 3: [Sl1, k1] to 2 before the gap, sl1, ssk, turn.
Row 5: Sl1, [sl1,k1] to 1 before the gap, ssk, turn.
Repeat last 4 rows until all the sts are used, 30 sts left in the flap.


On the first row of the calf, pick up two sts in the corner of each gusset. 34 sts on heel needle(s).

Working instep and the center 30 sts of the heel in pattern, work a ssk at the beginning of the heel, k2tog at the end of the heel, and k other “extra sts” (before and after the center 30 stitches of heel), for two rounds (until 30 sts remain in heel). Then, work instep and heel in pattern to desired height, ending after a full pattern repeat.


Round 1: P.
Round 2: K.
Repeat rounds 1 and 2 four times each. Bind off in knit.

Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay

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