Friday, May 14, 2010

String Theory Caper Sock


I have splurged and ordered a handfull of String Theory Caper Sock. I got mine at The Loopy Ewe, but you can also find more fibery goodness at String Theory's Site. The colors, starting with the silver and working clock-wise, are called Mount Hood, Delphinium, Ruby Slipper, Cobalt, and Larkspur.

I have gone to The Loopy Ewe in person during my birthday week the last two years in a row. That's next week. Maybe I don't actually need to visit in person, after this haul, which can only be considered a birthday present! (The same order had two other sock yarns, too, both red...) Of course, that doesn't mean I won't!

In a bizarre twist of events, The Loopy Ewe's Sock Club Lite came out around the same time, and I got my package one day after my birthday yarn arrived.

It happens to be Caper Sock yarn, too, in a special colorway for the non-club called "Bye Bye Blues." There are patterns, one by Sheri Berger (owner of The Loopy Ewe) and one by Wendy D. Johnson (author of "Socks From The Toe Up" and "Toe Up Socks For Everybody") and Namaste "O-Snap" organizer bags, (in red, for the non-club), too. Neato! What a treat! I call it "non-club" because the "Sock Club Lite" is for folks that signed up for the lottery to get into the sock club, but didn't make it. (Too bad. They missed this yarn!)

Happy Knitting!
Lisa kay

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