Friday, June 11, 2010

Favorite Things - Daylilies

I really like seeing things grow, especially flowering things... even more so if I planted them. There's just something rewarding about perenials, paying off their bounty year after year.

These daylilies went into the beds around my front porch in 2001. I blogged about them a couple of years ago, here and here. The yellow ones came in large flats of little pots from Wal-Mart in the spring. The orange ones were mark-downs at Lowes in the fall, when they were clearing things out, and they were one of the last plantings I did that first summer.

Perhaps it is time to "divide" them, after this tenth summer, but they don't seem to be suffering...

By the way, in reference to the previous links, above, the swallows have come back each year. They are nesting there, now, and I can see the adult swallows taking food to the babies. They are still small enough that they hide in the nest when I come around. I tried to get a picture, yesterday, but they hunkered down. I'll try again when they're a bit bigger. That first year, it was interesting to watch them getting flying lessons. I tried to photo that, too, with no luck. All five of them would fly to the house across the street and line up on the edge, then fly to the next house. I only saw that for a couple of days, and then they were gone, of course!

Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay

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