Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Finer Peace


I started the second June KAL sock on Thursday morning. I got a fair amount done on plane rides Friday, and finished the first sock, today.

This is String Theory Caper Sock, again. This time, the colorway is Mount Hood. I tried to pick a light, semi-solid colorway so that the stitch pattern would show up well. I'm pleased with the results!

This is the pattern not from the book. (Recall there is one book pattern and one free pattern, each month, in the KAL.) The pattern is "A Finer Peace," from Wendy Knits, available for free at the link.

The pattern includes a k3tog (knit three together) and k3tog tbl (through the back loop). These can both be a bit tricky if you knit tightly or if the yarn is at all fluffy or "splitty." So, the discussion on the KAL page had some alternatives posted. I used them and was relieved. Here they are:

k3tog -- k2tog. Place resulting st back on left needle. Pass next st on left needle over the k2tog st. Move the resulting st to the right needle.

k3tog tbl -- sl1. SSK. PSSO.

Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay

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