Sunday, July 25, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday, Mom!

We celebrated Gma E's birthday, today, with a brunch outing to Maggiano's in St. Louis. The restaurant is in the new section of shops across Brentwood from the Galleria, and the little section of shops and restaurants is a very cute little area. We had the family style dinner and ate a lot more than our doctors would recommend...

Gma and Gpa E, in front of Maggiano's

After lunch, we took Mitchell into the Galleria, which he calls, "The Fountain Mall," for obvious reasons.

Daddy has a hold on his shirt

Remember the joy of running around the edge of a fountain?

Yesterday afternoon, we attended Mary Ann's 80th birthday party. It was a surprise, and everyone had been telling her it was a bridal shower for one of her great nieces. Mary Ann really was surprised. I almost spilled the beans at our Friday lunch, talking about the things I was doing over the weekend... but I just caught myself in time.

Mary Ann with two of her granddaughters

Happy Birthday, everybody!

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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