Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mascoutah Homecoming

We dropped by the homecoming, today, mainly to visit the high school. They're going to tear it down next year because they're building a new one. It has been 25 years next summer that I graduated. Chris and Mitchell had never seen it.

Homecoming - School 
We Didn't Ride Scooters Like That Back in the Day...
We also took Mitchell to the park to see the rides and ponies. All the rides were one ticket less before 5 p.m. Mitchell enjoyed the dragon roller coaster. I was a little surprised at his sophistocation... he said it wasn't a "real" roller coaster because it only goes in a circle and not "up high and all around." Wow. He's hard to please.

Homecoming - Dragon 1
Last to Climb On, He Sat Near the Tail

Homecoming - Dragon 2
Last to Climb Off, He Seemed Reluctant to Leave

Homecoming - Car1
Ready to Ride the Car Carousel

Homecoming - Pony
The Best Ride By Far...

Gma and Gpa E, sorry we didn't call you, but I know Mom didn't get much sleep, yesterday... (and it was brutally hot out, too).

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Robin said...

It should be illegal for someone to be as cute as Mitchell.