Saturday, August 21, 2010

Socks For My Hoodie

I finished the first sock to match the Alexandra Hoodie.

Hoodie Socks - Side

Hoodie Socks - Front-Side

Hoodie Socks - Front

Hoodie Socks - Rear Side

Toe Up Instructions:
Cast on 15 sts on each of two needles, using Judy's Magic Cast On or Turkish or your favorite "closed" circular cast on. Increase every other row until you have 66 sts total.

Work 18 rows seed st, 18 rows stockinette for pattern. I used the gusset and heel instructions I (almost) always use, from "Socks From The Toe Up" for 33 stitch heels. I start the gusset increases 24 rows before the heel, with 72 rows total before the heel (not counting the toe). So there are four 18-row blocks before the heel. There are five 18-row blocks after the heel.

If I did another pair, I’d use 14 row blocks instead of 18. That would make five blocks before the heel, which would end with a seed stitch block. That would make the first ankle block be stockinette instead of seed. The seed is a little looser and appears a bit wider… not the best look at the ankle. Otherwise, love ‘em!

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

ETA: Both done

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