Monday, September 13, 2010

Yarn Clubs

I've been knitting furiously on something I can't share, yet, so I'll share some yarn clubs, instead. I got two, last week, along with a specific order from a new (to me) indie yarn dyer, and they all seem to go together, oddly.

ZYG - Art Club Sept 10 - Dali
Zen Yarn Garden, Art Walk Sock Club

Plucky Primo Hoity-Toity
The Plucky Knitter, Little Black Dress Club
Orange Flower 50-50 
Orange Flower, 50/50 Merino-Silk

I thought it was funny how the two solids seemed to be similar to the colors in the Art Club yarn. I found the Orange Flower etsy site through a Ravelry forum for Romi's designs. Romi has a wonderful new small shawl pattern, Celaeno, coming out soon, with pictures on her blog (look for Sept 8). The Orange Flower yarn might work wonderfully for that. The shawl has a lot of beading. Romi also has a mitt pattern as part of her small shawls "ebook," which I may try, first, just to get a hang of whether I like beaded knitting or not... All the patterns in the ebook are wonderful! Two of them, Merope and Maia, were on Ravelry top patterns at the same time. Celaeno is the third, and there will be four more small shawls coming out for the ebook, too. Cool!

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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