Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Contest

I'm going to give away a tote/knitting bag. The winner will be based on writing a caption to the cartoon post. Please leave a comment on that post. Leave some way for me to contact you, either Ravelry name, email in DOT AT format, or whatever. I'll pick the winner the first weekend in November. You have to be willing to give me a snail mail address (when contacted). Sorry, family cannot win. [Feel free to put in a caption, though. Honorable mention?]

Knitting bag

The tote is hand-made by me. The ladybugs are machine embroidered. The fabric is upholstery, and fully lined. The handles aren't on there, yet, but will be the same fabric as the red front panel. I have no intention to ever make these for money, and it isn't a promotion, other than just bringing readers to the blog.

Happy Captioning,
Lisa Kay


Molly said...

The bag is lovely and the ladybugs are very cute. :)

Laura said...

The tote is gorgeous, and I'm very impressed by your sewing skills!

meeyeehere said...

I really want this bag,you should make money for these.I would LOVE to buy one.I left a caption and cracked myself up.Thanks,it was fun!Your son is actually very talented.My sister has worked with gifted kids in art and he has some talent!

Lisa Kay said...

Well, there are some similar bags available for purchase at The Loopy Ewe). They are around $160, varying by material and trims. That wouldn't even cover my materials, let alone the rather large time investment I have in them. So... there's no way I could sell them for what they are worth. I suppose buying materials wholesale would help. I still can't charge enough for my tiem, though.

Matt M. said...

Very nice bag! Our daughter Callie loves ladybugs and butterflies.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely bag. A real treasure.
I can see myself using that knitting bag, constantly. My husbands work uses ladybugs on some of their products. Always looking for ladybug items.