Sunday, October 3, 2010

Scottish Games

We visited the Scottish Games in Forest Park, yesterday. Predictably, I was interested in the sheep and shepherding.

Games - Sheep
Shetland Sheep in Multiple Colors

Games - Shepherd 1
"Keep that wolf away from us!"

Games - Shepherd 1a
"Is he still back there? Go with the man..."

Games - Shepherd 2
"Run away! Run away!"

Less predictably, they gave bird of prey demonstrations. The bald eagle was impressive, flying in from above to land on the glove.

Games - Eagle flight
"Brace yourself. I'm coming in."

Games - Eagle flight 2
"Flaps down. Landing gear out."

Games - Eagle flight 3
"Where's my treat?"

Games - Eagle
It is amazing to get this close to the birds

Games - Hawk flight
The hawk approached from below the glove...

Games - Hawk flight 2
...and enjoyed his treat.

Games - Golf
"Scottish Games" apparently include golf

Helmet 0
One of the weaponry demonstrators fitted Mitchell with a helmet

Helmet 2
"How do you hold your head up in these things?"

Helmet 3
"Can Momma knit me one of these?"

Helmet 4
"Oh, the sweet smell of haggis!"

Helmet 5
"No, I don't want to try the chain mail."

Helmet 1
"Yes, I'm a Scotsman!"

Life is sweet!

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay


Robin said...

The bald eagle just looks so regal.

Jennifer said...

Golf is definitely one of Scotland's greatest gifts to the world - St. Andrew's and all. Looks like a great day was had by all.

Yvonne said...

It's a slippery slope, Lisa Kay! Next thing you'll want to be moving to the country, then a spinner's flock, then. . . well. We are up to 34 sheep now. And it all started at a Highland Games, in Mt. Vernon WA. :-)

Matt M. said...

I would love to see a shepherding demonstration live - looks like fun!