Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Ice Skating

I convinced the guys to take me to the Weaver's Guild annual sale, yesterday. Actually, I had managed to enlist Mitchell's aid in asking to go, because I reminded him that it is where we got Pi two years ago. He started saying he wanted to get Pi a sister. So, with two of us lobbying, Chris had a hard time fending us off.

Once we were there and looking around, Chris noticed through the window that we were next to an ice rink, and he took Mitchell over to see. Mitchell wanted to try it, so the boys skated while I shopped. Good deal for everybody! I made it over to the rink before they were done and got a few pictures.

They have a "walker" device for the little ones who are learning. It seemed to be a big help!

Skating 1

Skating 2

Skating 3

Skating 4

Skating 5

Skating 6

If I had gone skating, I would probably need someone to carry me off of the ice, too!

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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