Sunday, January 2, 2011

Morgana le Fay

I am just jumping the gun on the test knitters... I gave them until today to finish, and here I am at a few minutes after midnight, posting the pattern. :) The test knitters, a group on Ravelry, were fabulous, by the way. Thanks, everybody!

Morgana le Fay is a hoodie and sock matching set. The lace pattern is a simple leaf repeat that is easy to memorize, but the shaping for armholes, sleeves, shoulders, and hood are all charted in the pattern. I'm really pleased with how beautifully the pieces seam together.

The yarn is Serenity Sock from Zen Yarn Garden. It is a cashmere blend and wonderfully soft. Roxanne's colors are amazing.

MLF - Face and hood

MLF - Waterfall back-side view and sock-sm

MLF - Waterfall back view and sock - sm

MLF - Waterfall front view and sock - hood up - sm

MLF - Back - standing

MLF - Waterfall Sock with shoe - sm

MLF - Waterfall Sock mannequin - sm

I've posted the pattern on Ravelry, and it is available for download. It includes both the hoodie and the sock. Enjoy!

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay


Anonymous said...

I sure do love this design of yours Lisa...well done!!

Ellen said...

Great design - and very cool photos. You look great!