Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Planning Next Month's KAL...

Well, the KSL KAL has sponsors each month, and if you use a sponsor's yarn, you get *two* entries to win prizes (for each pair completed), instead of just one. [Prizes are usually yarn, and you know how I *need* more yarn! Hah!] So, in the absolute interest of supporting KAL sponsors, and certainly not in the interest of *winning* anything, of course, I'm trying to knit with sponsor yarn.

Next month is the "Monkey" sock pattern, one of the most popular sock patterns, ever, and one which I have knitted already, myself. It is also known for being quite friendly to hand-painted yarns, showing them off very well without losing the knitting pattern.

Here are the (current) sponsors for February.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Grant Creek Yarns
Pampered Knitting
The Painted Tiger

Would you believe I don't have any yarn from any of these sponsors? (Hard to believe...) Or, at least I *didn't* until the last few days. I wanted to use sponsors' yarn, and I wanted to use highly-variegated handpaints, so I ordered two different ones. (Monkey is a great pattern, and you do get two months to finish... they just have to be cast on in the first month. I can probably do two pairs.) So... here are my February yarns:

Socks That Rock - Jingle Bell Rock

Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock Lightweight, colorway "Jingle Bell Rock"

GrantCreek - Mermaids perspecitve

Grant Creek Yarns, 75% Superwash Merino, 25%
Nylon, colorway, "Mermaid's Perspective"

It was really quite strategic for Blue Moon Fiber Arts to drive new users to their site right at this time... Sign ups are open for their 2011 "Rocking Sock Club." They send yarn in the last week of the month, six months a year, starting in January. So... I'm not sure how much longer sign ups will be open since the first batch is only a week or so away. [Any wagers on whether I signed up or not?]

Luckily, one of the March sponsors is Zen Yarn Garden... I certainly won't have to buy yarn in that case!

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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Robin said...

I am guessing you signed up. I have never done the sock club but I love STR!!! It is one of my favorite yarns.